Food security reserves

PILLAR 2:Food crisis response

Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish Food security reserve to cover food shortages and support price stability
  2. Establish  humanitarian food relief programs to support crises hit situations for MC

Strategic Programmes

  1. OIC Food Security Reserves
  2. Flour for Humanity (current)
  3. Qurbani Meat

10 year goals

  • IOFS led 6 regional FSR systems to be operational
  • ‘Key’ commodities bar-stock maintained for most vulnerable MC (X million tons)
  • Maintain price fluctuation e.g., b/w +/- 5%
  • Efficient FSR distribution (transit time e.g., 15–45-day max & affordable cost)
  • An OIC aid system, that enables all food for humanitarian crisis within MCs, reducing dependency on non-OIC aid

Programmes of Pillar 2

Food security reserves

Strategic Objectives:

Facilitate effective MC FS policies and regulatory frameworks

Programme description

This Program supports the Governance Enablement pillar of IOFS strategy driving effective and efficient government food security/system policy making and governance.

Current & Potential Activities:
(These activities are not final and definitive and would be subject to review and changes)

  • Food System Best Practices sharing events: OIC National Food system dialogue: July 14, 2021 hosted first ever collective OIC event on topic with UN system enjoys involved for the firs time. Others to be planned.
  • Food Security policy framework and implementation mechanism guidelines for MC’s: Based on best practices and experienced inputs, develop Food Security policy and implementation frameworks and guidelines for IOFS MC’s to adopt

10- Year strategic Goal(s):

All MCs should have a Food Security policy framework and implementation mechanism

Strategic Partners:

Cross-linked IOFS Programs: