Development of Gene Banks

PILLAR 3:Capacity Building

Strategic Objectives

Provide technical expertise to strengthen Member State capacity

Strategic Programmes

  • Development of Gene Banks
  • OIC Strategic Commodities 
  • OIC Healthy & Safe Food Ecosystem
  • Bio & AgriTech Development  
  • Climate impact/ Resource Management 
  • Water Management in Agriculture (current)
  • Transboundary Pest Control Management (current)

10 year goals

  • 1 Gene Bank (Plant and Animal Genetic Resource Center) in most suitable Member States (coordinate across all MS)
  • Individual MS competent Gene Banks to have agreements with main one
  • ‘Key’ commodities productivity by X% (e.g., yield per hectare at global benchmark)
  • Increase in ‘key commodities’ production in MS by (decrease in % net imports or X million tons)
  • Increase # of Member States producing select key commodities
  • Adoption of IOFS developed OIC food system policy framework across majority Member States
  • Increase % consumption of healthy/ nutritious (i.e., ‘Tayyab’) food
  • Reduce halal food import dependency by X%
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Water use efficiency per crop
  • Preservation of water reserves (% )
  • Reduction in cross countries pest attack
  • Reduction in ‘key’ crops related vulnerable Member States pest attacks

Programmes of Pillar 3

Development of Gene Banks

Strategic Objectives:

Obj # 5: Provide technical expertise to strengthen the capacity of MS

Strategic Partners:

Cross-linked IOFS Programs: