Food security issues were discussed in Aqorda in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Food security issues were discussed in Aqorda in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
11 November 2019
On November 6, 2019, the Experts Board meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Secretary of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Kalmukhanbet Kasymov about “Pressing issues of food security in Republic of Kazakhstan” at Security Council.

Heads of government organs, responsible for food security issues, leading scientists and experts of the Academy of Nutrition, Bureau for partnership of Food Security and agricultural organization of UN in Kazakhstan, Islamic Organization for Food Security, Kazakh Scientific and Research Institute of Economics of Rural Development and Agriculture, Kazakh Institute of Strategic Research, Institute of Economic Research, “Astana” International University, as well as representatives of “Atameken” and Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan took part at the meeting.
Mr. Kasymov noted that there is a need for complex approach to food security issues, which is a major factor of population health, social wellbeing, and economic development.

Kazakhstani experts discussed various aspects of food security, including price, availability, quality and safety of food products.
Minister of Agriculture Mr. Saparkhan Omarov informed about main work undertaken to provide inner market by basic types of food, to expand nomenclature and develop processing of agricultural products yielded in the country.
Representatives of business communities and experts shared their thoughts on necessity of implementation of food security criteria and relevant program documents, improvement of regulation of food import instruments. Minister of Health Mr. Elzhan Birtanov informed about current work undertaken to provide food safety and enhance monitoring and control. Representatives of the expert community noted the necessity of taking relevant measures to improve food safety standards, to implement food quality monitoring system and develop national recommendations for rational nutrition. Following the meeting, a list of recommendations  was composed for the Security Council aiming to develop government policies in food security field.