IOFS high ranking meetings during the 2nd day in Chad

IOFS high ranking meetings during the 2nd day in Chad
14 May 2022
On May 13, 2022 during the 2nd day of the visit to N’Djamena, Republic of Chad, H.E Prof. Yerlan A. Baidaulet, DG of IOFS, had several Meetings with Chadian high-ranking officials:

1. The first meeting was held with H.E. Mrs. Kamougue Née Dene-Assoum, Minister of Agricultural Development, who was accompanied by her Staff composed by the Deputy GS, the DG of Agricultural Production, the Director of Studies, Planning and Monitoring, and the Administrative and Financial Director of the National Office for Food Security ONASA, the discussions were turned around:

Appreciation for the warm welcome and the opportunity given for introduce the IOFS a Providing a brief overview of IOFS as an OIC specialized institution, IOFS Strategic Framework, and IOFS Vision 2031 with particular attention to the IOFS’s two global programs, the Afghanistan Food Security Program, and the “2022: IOFS Year of Africa”.

Urging the Republic of Chad to join IOFS due to the OIC Resolutions (CFM, MCFSAD) calling OIC countries that have not yet joined the IOFS Statute to conclude all necessary arrangements at their earliest convenience and emphasizing the clear interest regarding the importance of Chad’s membership at the (IOFS).
HE DG informed that this meeting is a follow-up to the 1st meeting held with H.E Minister of Agriculture in Istanbul in October 2021 and stressed that the time is arrived to move to the identification of proper activities and opportunities of cooperation, bankable projects and feasibility studies, which can be launched after joining Chad to IOFS membership very soon. DG of IOFS has also invited Chad to take part in various activities that IOFS organizes during this year.
encouraging Chadian private sector companies to join the IFPA.
2. 2nd meeting was organized with H.E. Mr. Alio Abdoulaye Ibrahim, Minister of Hydraulics Urban and Rural, the main basic points discussed are:
Expressing concern about the critical situation caused by drought situation in the Republic of Chad, and the problem of water scarcity, which makes Chad one of the countries most affected by the damaging effects of climate change.
HE DG underlined the well-position of the IOFS to identify and help Chad to raise the challenges and face the water insecurity and water scarcity problems, and to work together to set up a specific program for food security in Chad.
Asking IOFS to provide the water-related high technologies for the Chadian side.
3. 3rd meeting was with H.E. Mr. Abdel-Nasser Garboa, Cabinet Director of the President of the Republic of Chad, main points discussed:
emphasizing the valuable support of H.E. Mr. Hissein Brahim Taha, Secretary General of OIC, for IOFS and its programs and activities.
Expressing concern about the situation that the dire and bleak humanitarian situation in the Republic of Chad and other member states, which required an urgent attention from IOFS and other specialized International and regional institutions and stressing the position of IOFS to identify key priorities for its interventions towards addressing the food insecurity in OIC Member States in Africa.
Chad's willingness to join IOFS in very near future to benefit from IOFS’s programs and activities.
Requesting the IOFS to help Chad by providing emergency aid and find a crisis response.

4. 4th meeting IOFS had with H.E. Abderahim Awat Atteib, Minister of Livestock and Animal Production, main points discussed:
HE DG provided a brief presentation about of the programs dealing with livestock and genetic improvement of animal resources, with special regard to Healthy Food Safety Program, which aims to strengthen the technical and intellectual capacity of member countries in the field of food safety, which taking into account the principle "from gene to fork", by applying advanced digital and technologies programs, including the development of a methodological framework to guarantee full traceability throughout the chain value.
Organizing training courses for the technicians of the ministry in different fields, such as the improvement of pastures, the production of animal, transboundary animal diseases.