Food security a matter of national security

Food security a matter of national security
04 April 2022
The article dedicated to the food-insecurity issue in Malaysia that ranked 39th out of 113 countries in the global food security index (GFSI) in 2021. The report is placed on the website of the New Straits Time news platform shed the light also on food security ranking criteria such as food affordability, availability, quality and safety of the food products, natural resources and resilience to estimate country's sensitivity to the climate change impact.
The article highlights that Malaysia possessing 800,000ha of arable land yet faces food insecurity issues and unable sufficiently feed itself. Among others, food security measures urgency alarmed also by the current political situation destabilized by the Ukraine-Russian tension. Food crisis aggravated more by the shortage of wheat supply where 30 per cent of world supply shared by these conflicting countries, while Russia and its ally, Belarus, are also among the main global fertilizer producers. United Nations World Food Programme in light of these circumstances stated recently that war in Ukraine is emerged an agricultural crisis not seen since World War 2, the WFP warned about adverse impact of the war on the agricultural sector that leads to food process spike and consequently famine, destabilisation of countries and mass migrations.
Malaysia is aiming to adopt a national plan of strategic development for 2021-2025 to ensure sustainable, competitive and resilient agro -food sector that embraces digital transformation to face future demands.
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