Transition to sustainable agriculture crucial

Transition to sustainable agriculture crucial
11 April 2022
Author Chiong Yoke Kong in the article for Malaysian news site The Sun Daily reviewing the issue of commodity price boom and food supply disruptions occurred after Covid-19 pandemic and also due to the global climate change in Malaysia. Author invoking to address unsustainable agriculture and tenuous food security measures to avert insecure food supply chain. Such steps should promote agro sector development, mitigate adverse impact to the low-income group and decrease the deterioration of the environment.
Author connects challenges that currently country’s agriculture sector facing with the inadequate policy implementation that consequently leads to worsening of soil, ineffective energy utilization, labor shortage. Therefore he is emphasizing to modify current agricultural policy to meet demands of ensuring food security and sustainable agricultural development.
Malaysia is facing skyrocketing of prices reached 10-years high, anticipating possible exacerbating of income disparity and social instability. Author illustrating world Index provided by the UN FAO that shows soaring of prices to 134.4 in November 2021 in comparison with the index in 2020, where was an increase of 27% over the same month in 2020.
Author summarizing the article with the conclusion that the Malaysian federal government urgently needs to adopt development policies and relevant action plan involving representatives of government, farmers’ and private sector bodies and by incorporating modern agro sector researches,  developing specialized agricultural training courses.
Review of the article based on the material from the The Sun Daily website: