IOFS ICIC Partnership for Afghanistan Emergency Food Support

IOFS ICIC Partnership for Afghanistan Emergency Food Support
27 February 2022
1. In January 2021 the Islamic Organization for Food Security ( signed a MoU with the International Committee of Islamic Crescent ( to, inter alia, jointly implement the AFSP without delay.

2. In the long term, the ICIC proposes to launch new aid program that should set a target audience of:

a) 595 000 people corresponding 35 total internal displaced people having limited or no access to aid after August 2021;

b) 750 000 people corresponding 25 of all unemployed;

c) 1.2 million children under the age of 5 whom are at risk of dying due acute malnutrition;

d)1.2 million of widows orphans and elderly having limited or no access to aid.

3. In this particular Project ICIC IOFS proposes to provide the immediate humanitarian assistance to the targeted population of 300 000 people equal to 50 000 families.

4. The ICIC IOFS proposed programs aims to minimize the severity of emergency within 3 months by overcoming the emergency situation that has started to evolve into Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

5. On 14 February 2022 the advance Team is to visit Afghanistan to assess the real conditions on the ground.

6. Central to the proposed program is the activation of the IOFS ICIC Afghanistan Humanitarian Aid Operation Partnership Center ( in Kabul to implement the initiative, which comprises the following proposed budget 24 385 000 (details on the next slide).