Supply of Wheat Flour to Afghanistan

Supply of Wheat Flour to Afghanistan
27 February 2022

To provide systematic humanitarian aid funded by donor contributions to the OIC Member States and humanitarian organizations in the form of flour.


Flour would be purchased on the territory of the OIC countries suppliers and delivered to the vulnerable regions through the voluntary contributions of the developed OIC Member States humanitarian organizations and others The duration of the program is 5 years.PROGRAM OBJECTIVES:
  • To i ntensif y the cooperation on humanitarian assistance among OIC Member States , primarily GCC countries

  • To establish cooperation on humanitarian field with the OIC Institutions IsDB , OIC Office in Kabul, ICIC ) and other international and national organizations to obtain support for the delivery and distribution of humanitarian flour to the OIC M ember c ountries;

  • To identify and designate the network of flour producer/supplier among OIC countries;

  • To determine the Tender commission and supplier selection criteria

  • To procure and transport humanitarian flour to needy OIC Member countries.


Providing 15 000 up to 25 000 tons of wheat flour;
Ensuring by Kazakhstan s Ministry of Agriculture of wheat flour at the discount prices;
15 000 tons of wheat flour food for 1 5 million people for 20 days;
As per Kazakhstan s Special Envoy of President, Mr Yerzhan Kazykhan Kazakhstan is ready to take over the part of this assistance 2 000 tons)
as in kind humanitarian aid in case of contributions from other OIC Member States and Humanitarian Organizations;
Logistics costs are taken partly by Kazakhstan or the IOFS Secretariat;
Administrative costs shall not exceed 10 of donor contributions, and can be taken fully by the IOFS Secretariat.


Basis of Food Assistance

1) standard initial planning requirements for calories, proteins, fats and micronutrients

2) prevailing local nutritional conditions in needy country, Afghanistan
Wheat flour corresponds these 2 criteria, as the most acceptable option for an emergency humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Most common food in Afghanistan is cereals, mostly wheat and wheat flour Annual consumption is about 5 6 million tons FAO statistics.

Caloric value of wheat flour is one of the most important parameters that determines the nutritional value of a healthy diet Wheat flour matches the recommended minimum standards of consumption for proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as macro/micro  nutrients and vitamins.

Before summer 2021 the main supplier of wheat 75 80 and flour 60 to Afghanistan has been Kazakhstan However, due to political and economical challenges the shipment of wheat and flour fell down for around 60