Negotiations held between experts in food security

Negotiations held between experts in food security
11 September 2019

On September 10, in continuation of the agreements reached duringthe meeting at Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan on July 23, 2019, joint negotiations took place between Vice Minister of Agriculture Gulmira Issayeva, Vice Minister of Healthcare Kamalzhan Nadyrov and foreign experts in food security. The experts were invited for a «Strengthening the role of international food standards in agricultural chains and creating value in member states of Central Asian regional economic partnership» project implemented by Asian Bank Development.
First Work Group session on development of the abovementioned program was chaired by Mrs. E. A. Birtanova and held at the Ministry of Healthcare. At the session, Ministry of Agriculture proposed to complement the program with a section dedicated to food safety in accordance with current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Law on Food Safety determines competence of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture, which are authorized bodies of food safety. The proposal was supported by a representative of a renowned Academy of Nutrition in Kazakhstan, founded by Academic Mr. Shormanov.
On 24 July, a second session was held in Nur-Sultan city; the list of international experts included Douglas Bernie, a specialist from New Zealand and Iddya Karunassar, a specialist in Codex Alimentarius from India.
The seminar examines the components of a modern food safety system, with a particular focus on current situation in Kazakhstan, its food safety system and current issues and priorities.