Director-General meets Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey

Director-General meets Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey
30 November 2020

On November 30, Director-General of IOFS H.E. Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet held a meeting with Mr. Akif Ozkaldi, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey.

Director-General expressed appreciation to the Government of Turkey for ratification of the IOFS Statute and gracious efforts to host the Third General Assembly. The Republic of Turkey played an important role in the consolidation of IOFS and the advancement of its objectives.

Currently, the Secretariat works on the implementation of the various programmes and projects aimed at increasing intra-IOFS cooperation in the food security sector. IOFS relies on the support of its member states and urged the Republic of Turkey to endorse its programmes.

At the Sixth Executive Board meeting, Turkey proposed a “Research and Innovation Programme” under IOFS Programmes on Science, Technology and Innovation, which could be the biggest research and innovation initiative in OIC/IOFS Member States. IOFS is looking closely into this initiative, intending to involve Turkey in the programme.

IOFS is pleased to underline that Turkey has very advanced public governance in terms of water management in the agricultural industry. Taking into account that water management is considered one of the most important dimensions, IOFS is very keen to learn in which areas Turkey could take a lead on.

The discussions also involved the coordination of the Third General Assembly (including technical aspects, scenario, time-management, etc.) and the principal vision of Turkey’s chairmanship at IOFS during the next period.