IOFS briefed IsDB on the latest changes in its strategic programmes

IOFS briefed IsDB on the latest changes in its strategic programmes
07 September 2020

Today on September 7, the Secretariat of IOFS conducted a bilateral online meeting with the president of IsDB Dr. Bandar M. H. Hajjar to overview the interim results of their cooperative work. The sides raised issues of the strategic programmes and allocation of the technical grant.

IOFS expressed gratitude to IsDB for its continuous support and discussed plan of action within MoU for the upcoming three years. IOFS presented its strategy for the 11 Centres of Excellence, which would enhance the industrial and technical capacities of member states in regards to the selected strategic commodities. With respect to the development of gene banks in OIC member states, IOFS would to continue to carry out its activities as outlined in the concept note. In addition, IOFS plans to work closely with private sectors of its member countries through IFPA, developing their agricultural potential and creating a unified halal market. IOFS is looking forward to sharing its latest achievements on the Third General Assembly, scheduled for December 2020.

It is important to note that IOFS also presented its new humanitarian programmes, Flour for Humanity and Qurbani Meat elaborated to provide food aid to the needy populations of OIC. Director-General expressed hope for support from the IsDB, particularly, in the form of technical assistance grant, reverse linkage and project financing.

IsDB praised the achievements of IOFS and expressed interest in further cooperation with IOFS within its strategic programmes. Dr. Bandar Hajjar encouraged IOFS to cooperate with ICBA, as IsDB assists it with research, financial and other matters. The president of IsDB welcomed the creation of a technical work group, where it would be possible to discuss the above-mentioned issues in more detail.

Director-General of IOFS announced that IOFS is honoured to collaborate with IsDB. The IsDB plays an important role in the institutionalisation of IOFS, providing essential support to its various activities and initiatives.