Halal livestock company, Aaliyah’s, led by industry experts, partners with OneAgrix to break into new markets with food traceability solutions

Halal livestock company, Aaliyah’s, led by industry experts, partners with OneAgrix to break into new markets with food traceability solutions
03 August 2020

July 23rd, 2020; Singapore Aaliyah's Pte Ltd, a company specializing in livestock and carcass trading, as well as agro-related businesses within the Asian region, is adopting digital technologies on the traditional livestock industry preparing its operations for a “new normal” in this Covid-19 pandemic and aims to increase consumers’ trust by enabling supply-chain transparency from farm to fork.

The digital technologies consist of onboarding on a digital platform and utilizing supply-chain traceability solutions which includes DNA detection test-kits, track and trace and blockchain technology which will be provided by OneAgrix, a global B2B Agricultural and Halal e-commerce platform with escrow payment and digital freight solutions recently mentioned in the World Economic Forum’s Blockchain deployment toolkit as an ecosystem builder and supply-chain use-case.

The tie-up between Aaliyah's and OneAgrix is expected to expedite the digitalization of agro-livestock data to allow farmers, merchants, shipments, halal agencies, distributors and consumers to connect with each other, as well as allow for the tracking of information throughout the halal and agricultural supply-chain.

According to Mr Mohamad Nor Ashraf Bin Abu Bakar, Chief Executive Officer of Aaliyah's, “The livestock industry in the region is huge. In Malaysia alone, the agriculture sector generated RM99.5 billion in 2018. Of this, livestock accounted for about RM14.8 billion of the contribution.  The industry is still under-commercialized, with Malaysia importing around 75% of its meat requirements from other parts of the world in order to meet the domestic demand.”

“Opportunities abound for us to carve a niche for ourselves in this industry through the use of technology. Singapore’s brand name in technology is recognised worldwide, and we’re very confident that our technology partner, OneAgrix, will give us that competitive edge.”

“More importantly, through the use of technology, we want to build trust, confidence, transparency, accountability and traceability with our stakeholders and consumers. In this time of Covid 19, we prefer to build these qualities as hallmarks of our business, instead of competing on price”, added Mr. Ashraf.

According to Ms. Diana Sabrain, Chief Executive Officer of OneAgrix, “Trust, Transparency and Sustainability are three words that will become inalienable to our relationship with food. This partnership with Aaliyah’s, whose founders have a combined 30-year domain knowledge in the Halal livestock industry is welcomed especially so in this Covid-19 pandemic with issues in food security, food fraud and food safety increasing due to supply-chain disruption. It is reassuring to know that companies serving the Halal Economy like Aaliyah’s are implementing food traceability measures to better serve Halal consumers.”

Through the collaboration, both companies will facilitate participating companies’ entrance into international halal market; enabling companies to make quick and 

concise decisions on halal compliances and certifications; allowing companies to have clear traceability of any halal products anywhere around the world, among others.

Aaliyah’s operates a 25-acre farm in Johor, Malaysia, with plans to expand it into a 100-acre farm. Currently, it is involved in the supply, distribution and trading of livestock in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia and other parts of the region. It is currently looking into plans to expand into livestock breeding; agro-livestock advisory services and agro-tourism.

Aaliyah's Ptd Ltd is also the parent company for PT Shepherds of Asia in Indonesia, dealing with breeding, trading and consultations for livestock.

Aaliyah’s founding members, Mr. Ashraf and Mr. Rafee Eunos, are industry experts, having amassed tremendous traction from industry players. Mr Rafee, who is also the Head Trainer of Qurban Slaughter in Singapore's Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), handles the daily operations and workflow of the company.

Currently, the company is working on several projects in the Middle East.

Nearer to home, Aaliyah's has exported sheep from Indonesia to Malaysia on various occassions and is now awarded contracts to supply several Mosques in Singapore for Eid Al-Adha.

OneAgrix is collaboratively building the global halal ecosystem with mentions in the World Economic Forum’s Blockchain Deployment Toolkit, Turkey government’s COMCEC report 2019, State of the Global Islamic Report (SGIER), FoodNavigator and in many other notable media.

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