General Assembly: Delegation of Federal Republic of Somalia

General Assembly: Delegation of Federal Republic of Somalia
28 August 2019

Director General of IOFS Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet expressed His gratitude to the delegation of Federal Republic of Somalia for participating in the Second General Assembly. Director General explained the purpose and aims of the Assembly.

Federal Republic of Somalia traditionally exports fruits, beans, livestock and fish. The delegation of Somalia noted that the country is now recovering from many years of war, instability and turbulence. Nevertheless, Somalia is very much in need of IOFS assistance in matters of food security. IOFS Deputy Director General Dr. Hameed spoke about existence of a food security template which was developed together with Inter-Governmental Authority on Development. IOFS reassured that it will use all strategies and programs of the template, including agro-food processing in order to help Somalia on raised matters. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of because IOFS is a part of OIC that is much larger than the African Union.
Delegation representative also raised the issue of poor marketing in the private sector, which causes massive rates of unemployment and makes the young generation escape to the EU through Mediterranean Sea. Director General mentioned the Kurban Meat and other Humanitarian programs that Somalia could utilize for recovery of its agro-sector.
Parties agreed that Somalia will deliver all programs and strategies on food security to the Secretariat of IOFS to improve the state of their agricultural industry.