General Assembly: Delegation of Yemen

General Assembly: Delegation of Yemen
28 August 2019

Director General of IOFS, Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet expressed His gratitude to the delegation of the Republic of Yemen for participating in the IOFS General Assembly and discussed its core goals.
The delegation of Yemen informed that the state postponed signing the Statute of IOFS due to current struggles in the country, however the query is still on the government agenda. Yemen is an agricultural state and is interested in many strategic programs such as FAO, and maintenance of scientific centers and labs.

Director General stated that IOFS empathizes current situation in Yemen and is able provide help in various matters including food security. Director General stressed that IOFS is out of politics and expressed hope that Yemen will become a Member State in the nearest future to collaborate with IOFS more closely. He shared IOFS aims and structures that could be of interest to Yemen such as the Database platform and Food Processing Association.
The Director General also discussed his previous talks on logistics and transportation chains of crops from Kazakhstan with several stakeholders, as most of the grain consumed in Yemen is imported.
The Kurban Meat and Humanitarian Grain programs are also interesting areas with potential for cooperation. These programs require accurate information about demand for imported crops and supply of exported livestock, and so precise statistical data will play an important role in the area.  
To conclude, Director General reassured Yemen could rely on IOFS and expressed hopes that Yemen will get involved in near future. The delegation stated that they understand the importance of IOFS in agricultural industry and intend to hasten the Government to sign the Statute. The delegation also agreed to provide focal points and work collaboratively.