A Virtual Workshop on 'Development of National Gene Banks in OIC Member States' is scheduled to take place in July 5-6

A Virtual Workshop on 'Development of National Gene Banks in OIC Member States' is scheduled to take place in July 5-6
18 June 2020

A virtual workshop on ‘Development of National Gene Banks in OIC Member States’ is scheduled to take place in July 5-6, 2020 in collaboration with FAO, IsDB, OIC, COMSTECH, ICBA, and the Emirates Food Security Council. The theme of the event is titled as Promoting intra-OIC Food Security through Agricultural Biodiversity. The list of participants includes OIC member states, OIC institutions and international organisations. The event is planned to be held in a video conference format (by invitation).

The Workshop aims to encourage OIC member states to employ modern, scientific and innovative methods to increase resilience, competitiveness and stability of food systems. The workshop seeks to achieve the following objectives:

- The  protection,  conservation,  management  and  exchange  of  animal  and  plant genetic resources in OIC member states;

- Strengthening human capabilities and institutional capacities to maintain sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity;

- Developing an appropriate mechanism for regional exchange of information on plant and animal genetic resources;

- Supporting  incorporation  of  biodiversity  into  national  development  agenda, including mobilisation of funds for infrastructure development through the various national and intra- OIC  financing  institutions,  within  the  framework  of  South-South  Cooperation  and  the reverse linkage initiatives.

- Assisting  in  the  elaboration  of  appropriate  national  legislations  and  social  awareness programmes, aimed at protecting, and equitable sharing of gains accruing thereto, plant resources, including mobilisation of farmers, herders, pastoralists, local and community- based, youth and women stakeholders;

- Assisting member states to establish and manage national gene banks;

-  Cooperation   with   local,   regional   and   international   bodies   and   institutions   in   the implementation of international agreements; and

- Training  of  staff  and  raising  community  awareness  of  the  importance  of  plant  genetic resources.

Expected Outcomes

The Workshop is expected to produce the following outcomes:

- Production of a Status Report on the development of   genetic resources in OIC member states;

- Elaboration of an OIC/IOFS Plan of Action for intra-OIC cooperation in the area of GRFA, including creation of an intra-OIC regional Gene Bank;

- Recommendation on the creation of an OIC Steering Committee and Sub-Regional Centres of  Excellence  on  Gene  Banks  as  a  support  mechanism  for  protection  of  plant  genetic resources.

Structure of Workshop

The Workshop  is  expected  to  examine  various  thematic  issues  relating  to  the acquisition, utilisation and conservation of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. The major themes to be discussed are as follows:

- Role  and  Importance  of  Gene  Banks  for  Conserving  Genetic  Resources  for  Food  and Agriculture.

- Country Experiences on Gene Banks and International Collaboration, including on-going initiative by COMSTECH on intra-OIC capacity-building on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture;

- Overview of Global and Regional Agreements on PGRFA, including forests and animal genetic resources for food and agriculture;

- Agricultural Bio-diversity and Resilient Food Systems;

- Issues and Challenges on Conservation and Sharing of Genetic Resources ;

- Developing  National  Capacities  on  Bio-Diversity  and  Role  of  Regional  Centres of Excellence.