IOFS and Cameroon are to intensify cooperation in humanitarian and trade programmes

IOFS and Cameroon are to intensify cooperation in humanitarian and trade programmes
21 May 2020
Director-General of IOFS H.E. Yerlan Baidaulet arranged a VC call with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cameroon H.E. Gabriel Mbairobe on May 21, 2020.

Director-General commended the Minister with the Holy month of Ramadan and the upcoming holidays of Eid al-Fitr. He briefed the Minister on the current programmes of IOFS and their overall importance for food security in the member states. Mr. Baidaulet stressed the necessity to make a mandatory payment to IOFS and called on Cameroon to participate actively in the forthcoming events of IOFS, such as the Workshop of Development of National Gene Banks in OIC members. Cameroon has immense potential and experience in the development of agriculture in the region and is an important supplier of foodstuffs to other countries. Director-General reminded that previously during a meeting with the Ambassador of Cameroon in Riyadh H.E. Iya Tidjani, Cameroonians said to strengthen bilateral cooperation with IOFS. 

The Minister of Cameroon thanked the head of IOFS for warm wishes received on the National Day of Cameroon and expressed a wish to intensify cooperation, and particularly, engage IOFS in humanitarian aid projects for the northern regions of the country, which were considerably affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and sporadic terrorist attacks.

The sides also noted the advantages of improving trade collaboration within the OIC region through the establishment of IFPA. For instance, the annual volume of imported grain in Cameroon makes up around 700 000 tonnes, while the Asian group of OIC countries could be a major potential supplier of grain. IOFS suggested organising mutual investment and trade missions to unite shared interests.

Following the conversation, Mr. Baidaulet offered the Minister to participate personally in the next General Assembly of IOFS and discuss the full body of issues in more detail.