IOFS Director General Discusses Indonesia’s Accession to IOFS

IOFS Director General Discusses Indonesia’s Accession to IOFS
13 March 2020
On March 13, Director General of the Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOFS) Yerlan Baidaulet visited Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Kazakhstan to discuss with Ambassador Rahmat Pramono signature of the IOFS Statute by Indonesia and follow-up on previous meetings between both sides.
The Director-General has mentioned the readiness of the IOFS to experience exchange with management of BULOG – Indonesian Bureau of Logistics, with which prior agreement on this issue was reached during the summer visit of Mr. Baidaulet to Jakarta.
IOFS Country and Programme Manager Mrs. Rufiya Ospanova has briefed Ambassador Pramono on the on-going programmes of the Organisation, including Development of Strategic Commodities, Development of Gene Banks, Water Use Management for Agriculture in OIC Member States, Palm Oil Reverse-Linkage Programme, Grain Fund, Islamic Food Processing Association, and others.
Mr. Baidaulet noted the importance of Indonesian Experience in halal issues.
Mr. Pramono, in turn, invited the IOFS to the Halal Industries Summit 2020, which is to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in October this year.
The Ambassador has also noted that he would do his best to urge the Indonesian Government to sign the IOFS Statute and start cooperating with the new international organisation on the above-mentioned strategic programmes in full force.