KazBeef plans to become IFPA member

KazBeef plans to become IFPA member
29 January 2020

On 28 January, a meeting was held between the Deputy Director-General of IOFS Hameed Opeloyeru and Commercial Director of «KazBeef» LTD Mr. O. Shayakhmetov. The parties discussed the prospects of bilateral relations in the framework of the international IFPA program.

The meeting began with a presentation of the products and activities of «KazBeef» LTD. «KazBeef» spoke about their systematic approach to product safety, which ensures quality control at each stage of production starting from sown areas for production of feed to finished products on the counter. In addition to a high-quality guarantee of the beef, an integrated approach makes it possible to quickly respond to changing trends in the market, continuously improve the finished product in accordance with global trends and meet all consumer demands.

Amb. Hameed Opeloyeru noted that the private sector and especially food processors would constitute the foundation of IFPA.
At the end of the meeting, a representative of «KazBeef» LTD expressed his wish to join the IFPA program.