Emirates Food Security Council discusses the 2023 action plan, latest global agricultural developments

Emirates Food Security Council discusses the 2023 action plan, latest global agricultural developments
18 April 2023

DUBAI, 14th April, 2023 (WAM) -- During its first meeting for 2023, the Emirates Food Security Council (EFSC) discussed the action plan for 2023 and latest developments in the agricultural sector globally, and harmonized local efforts to enhance national food security according to sustainable foundations.

Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment and Chair of EFSC, said: ‘’Food security is one of the most important strategic directions for the UAE, given the challenges the country faces regarding the scarcity of arable land and water scarcity. Additionally, economic and political changes taking place across the world increase pressures on the food systems in the country and make it necessary to continue working more quickly and more efficiently to enhance national food security.’’

‘’As count down for the UAE hosting of COP28 has begun, we need to highlight the UAE’s model in enhancing its food security with the most sustainable technologies and methods that contribute to reducing climate changes and preserving the environment at the national and global levels,’’ she added, stressing that the UAE has a global innovation-enabled model of food security and operated innovative and unique agricultural projects.

Considering the latest global developments in the agricultural sector, the meeting discussed the necessary measures to strengthen the food system in the country by secure the country's need for various strategic agricultural and food commodities and to facilitate the movement of food trade.

The Emirates Food Security Council operates through a mechanism that takes into account the common trends in managing the food security ecosystem in the country, which includes the elements of water security, energy security, emergencies and crises, strategic stocks, local agricultural production, food safety, foreign investment, diversification of import sources, and nutrition.

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