16 March 2023
On the second day of the Agriteq Exhibition and Conference, representatives of IOFS and International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) delivered speeches on the activities and programs of the organization and association to raise awareness and call for strategic partnerships and collaboration.

The IFPA Head of International International Memberships, Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, reported that IFPA, as a subsidiary of the IOFS, is translating the IOFS G2G vision and mission through its unique B2B platform for all necessary strategic objectives, to enable a resilient and sustainable private sector in intra-OIC trade. This comes in addition to, a wholesome approach “from Gene-to-Fork” that meets all Halal food safety and security standards, as well as national and transnational food sector development and sustainable food reserves.

The speaker shared the goals and objectives of the organization, introduced the Bakery Supply Chain Project, as well as Kazakhstan’s trade mission to Qatar and the plan forward, including a logistical scheme and parties coordination scheme.

The second half of the day included a presentation from Mr. Talgat Kupeshev, IOFS Trade and Investment Manager. The speaker introduced the practical projects of IOFS that are currently being implemented with GCC countries , starting from the state of Qatar: Sheep Farming Development and Vertical Farming Industry.

In short, the Sheep Farming Development project aims to utilize the comparative advantage of one country (in this particular case, Kazakhstan) and provide other countries a sustainable supply of products ( in this case, premium quality lamb meat), in order to meet the domestic demands of the country.

The concluding half of the presentation included an introduction to the Vertical Farming Industry project, which aims to adopt Japanese technological advances in seeds, digital technologies, and LED illumination with the potentials of low cost materials and their abundance in Kazakhstan, the hosting country. Mr.Kupeshev highlighted that the pilot project was created with prospects to be transferred to other Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ).

After the presentations, IOFS and IFPA continued to welcome and introduce the participants of AgriteQ to the exhibition booth displaying the programs and initiatives of the organization and its subsidiary.