23 December 2022

IOFS Director General H.E. Prof. Yerlan Baidaulet, on the 2nd day of his visit, made an important visit to the respectable Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN), after giving presentations of the main activities and programs implemented in the field of agricultural scientific research by the two institutions, both parties agreed to continue discussions between their specialists with a view to establishing joint research programs for the benefit of member countries, particularly in the field of the improvement and conservation of animal and plant genetic resources, livestock, management of water resources and irrigation, as well as the development of food industry and the value chain.  The Director General of IOFS also provided a brief on the IOFS Cluster program which currently contains three major projects. Before the end of the meeting Prof. Baidaulet was interviewed by Agriculture TV channel broadcasting in Nigéria, where he gave an overview about the endeavors made by the IOFS to support MC's in their efforts to secure food security.

Later in the day, the Director General of the IOFS, was received in audience by the Honorable Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, H.E. Zubairu Dada. Officials reviewed the current state of the bilateral relations between the IOFS and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where Hon. Minister highlighted particularly the ongoing efforts of IOFS to address food security challenges and poverty alleviation in the OIC geography, specifically during food crises hardships that influence OIC vulnerable to food insecurity countries that are heavily dependent on the commodity imports, H.E. Zubairu Dada, expressed his appreciation to the DG of the IOFS to organize, the first important IOFS event in Nigeria on Strategic Planning and Policy Development in Food Security on 21-22 Dec 2022.

On his behalf, the IOFS Director General expressed his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, emphasizing the highest level of support provided by Nigeria to IOFS activities and efforts to improve the current state of food security in OIC member countries. Furthermore, he affirmed the IOFS's willingness to expand collaboration with all stakeholders in charge of Nigeria's food security.

H.E. Director General, also had another constructive meeting with H.E. Mustapha Baba Shehuri, Hon. Minister of State of Agriculture and Rural Development, the two officials discussed opportunities to further develop bilateral cooperation, particularly in the area of the valorization of livestock, and strategic crops in Nigeria, to this end it was agreed to establish a joint work group to develop a bilateral work program.