Official reception on occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr

Official reception on occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr
06 June 2019

On 6 June 2019 The Secretariat of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) in Nur-Sultan hosted an official reception on the occasion of the blessed days of Eid ul-Fitr (Eid al-Fitr).
The event started with recitation of the Quran, after which General Director of the IOFS, E. A. Baidaulet gave a presentation on the organization’s activities and plans.
More than 20 representatives of embassies of OIC member countries, senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and heads of government companies took part in the reception.

From the Kazakhstan’s side the guests who gave a speech were: Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Isayeva G. S., Ambassador at large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Lama-Sharif K. K., Director of the Department of General Asian Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan - Bakaev A., representative of AIFC. Foreign diplomats that gave a speech were ambassadors of such countries as: Palestine (Mr. Montasser Abu Zeid), Iran (Mr. Majid Samadzade Saber), Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Mr. Yusuf Abdelgani), Malaysia (Mr. Syed Mohamad Bakri Bin Syed Abd Rahman).

As a specialized body of OIC, IOFS contributes to the development of sustainable foundations for ensuring food security in Muslim countries through a systematic approach based on agricultural science and technology, investment and mutual trade.

Kazakhstan is among ten largest producers and exporters of wheat worldwide and plans to increase the production and export of agricultural goods and foodstuffs. In this regard, the organization will serve as an international umbrella organization to promote exports and encourage foreign investment in the Islamic world in the agriculture of Kazakhstan and the entire region. In addition, the Institute will solve transport and logistics problems through mutual trade and overall coordination which currently hold back the growth of the corresponding export products of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, thus, interaction with the countries members of the IOFS will help to expand the conditions for doing business both national companies and private enterprises.