PILLAR 2:Food crisis response

Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish Food security reserve to cover food shortages and support price stability
  2. Establish  humanitarian food relief programs to support crises hit situations for MC

Strategic Programmes

  1. OIC Food Security Reserves
  2. Flour for Humanity (current)
  3. Qurbani Meat

10 year goals

  • IOFS led 6 regional FSR systems to be operational
  • ‘Key’ commodities bar-stock maintained for most vulnerable MC (X million tons)
  • Maintain price fluctuation e.g., b/w +/- 5%
  • Efficient FSR distribution (transit time e.g., 15–45-day max & affordable cost)
  • An OIC aid system, that enables all food for humanitarian crisis within MCs, reducing dependency on non-OIC aid