UNDP Yemen: Water Resilience: Al Mazariqah's Journey from Devastation to Prosperity

Country: Yemen
UNDP Yemen: Water Resilience: Al Mazariqah's Journey from Devastation to Prosperity
17 April 2024

UNDP: In the village of Al Mazariqah, Yemen, the community faced significant challenges due to frequent flooding and damage to essential irrigation canals. This jeopardized their ability to farm and sustain their way of life. Through the ERRY III Joint Programme, supported by the European Union and the Government of Sweden, facilitated by the World Food Programme's Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) initiative and the local organization Benaa Foundation, a project was launched to rejuvenate the village's irrigation canal.

The project aimed to rehabilitate three kilometers of the canal, ensuring agricultural prosperity for Al Mazariqah. FFA participants, including local community members, dedicated 60 days to the project, which not only restored the canal but also provided immediate financial support and secured long-term agricultural stability.

The project's success exceeded expectations, with a new water gate regulating water flow, widened and deepened canals, and protective infrastructure ensuring resilience against future floods. This restoration has transformed the community, turning once-ruined fields into thriving agricultural lands.

Local farmers like Ahmed Salem attest to the transformation, expressing gratitude for the renewed hope and increased harvests. Ibrahim Omar reflects on the community's past struggles and emphasizes the canal's role in fostering growth and resilience for future generations.

The restoration of Al Mazariqah's irrigation system showcases the tangible benefits of cooperation and resilience in the face of adversity. Supported by the ERRY III Joint Programme and various UN agencies, with backing from the European Union and the Government of Sweden, this project exemplifies the positive impact of collective action in improving livelihoods, ensuring food security, and strengthening community resilience in Yemen.

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Photo: Caption: Water flows into Al Mazariqah's irrigation canal, bringing life to farmland in Bajel District, Hodeidah Governorate. Photo: © UNDP Yemen / 2024

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