05 July 2023

Mr. Laouali Ali, the Director of Studies and Programming at the Ministry of Livestock and a delegate from the Republic of Niger, arrived to Astana to participate in the 2nd International Forum for Agri-Biotechnology. The purpose of his visit has been to gain valuable insights of cutting edge technologies and best practices showcased at the Forum, in addition to studying the successful techniques employed in animal husbandry in Kazakhstan.

On July 4, 2023, Dr. Laouali Ali had the opportunity to explore Asyl Tulik, the largest breeding enterprise in the Asian region of the former USSR and the strategic partner of the IOFS. Since 2002, Asyl Tulik has introduced advanced technological equipment that meets modern world standards for obtaining, cryopreserving, storing, and utilizing breeding material (semen) from highly productive large and small cattle.
During the visit, Asyl Tulik provided a demonstration to the delegation of Niger, showcasing their achievements in artificial insemination of dairy and dairy-meat cow breeding stock. The delegate from Niger expressed a keen interest on behalf of his Ministry in prioritizing the development of new dairy cow breeds within Niger. This is particularly important as the country currently relies on imports for approximately 80% of its dairy products. Dr. Ali expressed his desire to introduce a similar production and technical base to that observed at Asyl Tulik in his own country.

During a meeting on July 5, 2023, the representatives of the IOFS, the Ministry of Animal Husbandry of the Republic of Niger, and the Committee for Veterinary Control and Supervision of Kazakhstan, discussed opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing in the veterinary service development.
The insightful exchange, led by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Samat Tyulegenov, offered the delegation an in-depth understanding of Kazakhstan's veterinary service. Details on the operational framework, structural organisation, and ongoing efforts in reforming the veterinary system were shared, along with a demonstration on the progressive information systems that underpin the modernisation and optimisation of the veterinary field.
As a result, Dr. Ali Laoali stated his willingness to develop a partnership and expressed interest of the showcased systems. Responding to this proposal, Dr. Tyulegenov affirmed his readiness to support the successful implementation of the project, in the spirit of international cooperation for mutual progress in the field of animal husbandry.
This promising partnership highlights the shared goals of enhancing veterinary systems, ensuring animal health and welfare, and ultimately, achieving food security across the OIC Geography.