Qatar's Baladna to establish powdered milk farm in Algeria

Country: Qatar
Qatar's Baladna to establish powdered milk farm in Algeria
03 April 2024

The Qatari food company, Baldana, is entering into an agreement with the Algerian government to establish a farm for powdered milk production in Algeria. This venture aims to contribute to Algeria's pursuit of self-sufficiency in milk production. The farm is planned to cover 100,000 hectares and produce 200,000 tonnes of powdered milk annually in Adrar, southwestern Algeria.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced the imminent agreement with an "Arab partner" to commence local production of milk powder. Baldana, known as the largest milk and dairy production company in Qatar, has expanded its operations globally following the 2017 GCC crisis, which redirected the country's production goals.

Baldana, which has been trading on the Qatar Stock Exchange since October 2019, boasts one of the region's largest cattle farms, spanning 2.6 million square meters. In a move to strengthen its presence, Baldana acquired additional shares in Egypt's Juhayna Food Industries in July of the previous year. This acquisition follows Baldana's initial purchase of a 10.1% stake in Juhayna Food Industries in May 2022, worth QAR 2.5 million. Juhayna Food Industries is publicly listed and operates multiple production facilities across Egypt, specializing in dairy and juice products.

This strategic move by Baldana not only underscores its commitment to expansion and diversification but also reflects a broader trend of regional agricultural investment and cooperation, particularly in the pursuit of food security and self-sufficiency goals.

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