Kazinform: DBK to finance agro-industrial projects worth 1.2 trillion tenge

Country: Kazakhstan
Kazinform: DBK to finance agro-industrial projects worth 1.2 trillion tenge
23 May 2024

JSC Development Bank of Kazakhstan has identified key areas for the advancement of the country's agricultural sector, focusing on the comprehensive processing of meat, milk, and grain, alongside the expansion of industrial greenhouse farming, poultry farms, vegetable storage facilities, and beef cattle farming enterprises. During a meeting with Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov, Chairman of the Management Board of DBK Marat Yelibayev emphasized the bank's readiness to provide financing for agro-industrial investment projects totaling 1.2 trillion tenge in collaboration with second-tier banks. Yelibayev informed the Prime Minister about the ongoing review of new projects proposed by domestic entrepreneurs. In response, Bektenov urged the DBK to prioritize investment projects that contribute to food security, import substitution, and the enhancement of domestic agricultural exports. Notably, the DBK has already financed various agro-industrial initiatives, such as the construction of a poultry farm in the Akmola region, and the modernization of oilseed processing facilities. Additionally, the bank's financing has supported the development of the country's largest greenhouse complex in the Turkistan region.

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