IOFS concludes Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies

IOFS concludes Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies
23 August 2023

The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), in collaboration with BRRI, successfully orchestrated a comprehensive Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies for the IOFS Member States. This enlightening event took place from the 20th to the 22nd of August 2023, in Gazipur, Bangladesh. The training garnered active participation from distinguished representatives from Egypt, Pakistan, and virtually from Uganda, Senegal, Nigeria, Suriname, Sultanate of Oman, as well as the IsDB.

The inaugural session witnessed the presence of esteemed personalities including Mr. Md. Momtaz Uddin, the Director General (FPMU) and Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Food. Notably, this session was graced by the representation of the Islamic Technological University, the Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, and the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute.

Diving into the substance of the training, a comprehensive itinerary of 16 sessions unfolded, including informative country presentations. Participants also had the opportunity to partake in farm visits, including the esteemed Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), which further enriched their learning experience.

Toward the culmination of this productive training program, a meeting was convened with the Director General of BARI. During this final day encounter, fruitful discussions were held concerning potential collaborations between BARI and IOFS. Notably, BARI has made commendable strides in research encompassing over 120 diverse crops, with a specific focus on the prominent inclusion of cassava due to its escalating consumption demand. The Director General of BARI underscored the prioritization of cassava research, acknowledging the escalating interest in its consumption.

The engaging session also showcased BARI's innovative approaches, highlighted by demo plots that incorporated cutting-edge hydroponic technologies and advanced varieties of horticultural products. These demonstrations not only underscored BARI's commitment to progress but also provided tangible examples of the strides being taken in modernizing agricultural practices.

In conclusion, the Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies implemented through the collaborative efforts of IOFS and BRRI, not only served as a knowledge-sharing platform but also fostered discussions that could pave the way for productive collaborations between IOFS and prominent institutions like BARI. This event not only enhanced participants' understanding of contemporary agricultural techniques but also showcased the progress being made in agricultural research and innovation.

On August 23, 2023 the meeting with Bangladesh National Nutritional Center, Food Safety Authority, and IOFS team (online) was conducted. The sides discussed opportunities of collaboration of IOFS and BNNC under the framework of the programs and projects of the IOFS.