IOFS Celebrates International Children's Day with Local Schoolchildren

IOFS Celebrates International Children's Day with Local Schoolchildren
31 May 2023
The IOFS prioritizes raising awareness on issues of food security among the youth of Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) Member States. One of the main objectives is to develop the knowledge and talent of youth, to build a sustainable future together. The IOFS captured the opportunity to engage the youth of Astana in the food security agenda by inviting 4th grade students from the Binom School to its headquarters in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The initiative comes against the backdrop, that according to Un Reports, children under the age of 15 account for around a quarter of the population in developing countries, while youth comprise up to a further one fifth of the population in many of these countries. In Africa, over 60 percent of the population currently is below the age of 25.

During the Open Doors, the schoolchildren were able to receive basic knowledge on what Food Security stands on, the mission and activities of the IOFS , and what they could start doing from today to further food security. The agenda included a tailored presentation for children and lecture by the top management of IOFS, along with a story on food security and a small discussion session. The children expressed an eagerness
 to learn more about how they could contribute to enhancing food security in their communities, particularly by starting gardening projects within their schools and donating to those in need.
The IOFS is dedicated to continue the initiative of raising awareness among youth and plans to launch several projects to engage local schools to join the mission of the IOFS in educating youth. The IOFS team firmly believes that investing in the education of youth is crucial to ensure that sustainable practices and mechanisms are adopted and used to reform food systems in the future generations.