International Scientific Conference on Ensuring Food Security through Genetic Resources and Modern Cultivation Technologies

Country: Uzbekistan
International Scientific Conference on Ensuring Food Security through Genetic Resources and Modern Cultivation Technologies
13 May 2024

Karshi, Uzbekistan - From 10-11 May 2024, the Islamic Organization for Food Security in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan and the National Center for Knowledge and Innovation in Agriculture and the Southern Agricultural Scientific Research Institute, successfully hosted the "Prospects for the Effective Use of Genetic Resources and Crops and the Use of Modern Advanced Cultivation Technologies in Ensuring Food Security" international scientific conference is a landmark event, particularly within the realms of agricultural development and food security across the OIC member states.

During the conference, Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Director of the Programs and Projects Department of the IOFS, talked about the Landscape of Seed System in the OIC Geography, as well as approach on Climate Smart Wheat Breeding. His insights shed light on the intricate seed systems, presented a robust industry driven model seed quality assurance system for productivity enhancement and to address challenges faced across OIC member states. He also emphasized the importance of phenotypic plasticity for an integrated climate-smart wheat breeding. These highlighted strategic approaches for enhancing agricultural resilience and productivity are crucial in the face of changing climate conditions, and underlining the IOFS’s role in leading innovative and sustainable agricultural advancements in the region. Mrs. Makpal Bulatova, Program Manager at the IOFS, presented on “Enhancing Wheat Resilience and Productivity in Highly Wheat-Dependent Countries: Central Asia” and IOFS approach in this regard, in which she highlighted innovative strategies for boosting wheat resilience through the adoption of advanced genetic and agricultural technologies, underscoring the critical role of sustainable practices and international cooperation in enhancing wheat production capabilities across Central Asia, pivotal for ensuring regional food security and economic stability.

Highlights and Importance of the Conference:

  • Experts shared insights on using genetic resources and advanced agro-technologies to enhance crop resilience and sustainability.
  • The conference promoted resource-conserving practices essential for addressing climate challenges.
  • It facilitated collaborations across borders, enhancing regional agricultural development.
  • Practical recommendations aimed at improving crop yields and food security were developed and disseminated for regional application.
  • This gathering underscored the need for multi-sector collaboration to effectively tackle food security challenges.

The outcomes of this conference are set to shape policy frameworks and promote the adoption of advanced agricultural technologies, boosting the economic efficiency of agriculture in Uzbekistan and beyond. At the forefront of these efforts is the IOFS's commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability. By uniting leading experts and innovators, the conference facilitated a proactive dialogue on enhancing food security through scientific and technological advancement, significantly contributing to sustainable agricultural development and economic resilience across the OIC member states.