Gulf Agricultue: ICBA research paves the way to fast-tracking quinoa breeding

Gulf Agricultue: ICBA research paves the way to fast-tracking quinoa breeding
04 June 2024

A recent study by the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) has provided quinoa breeders with essential genetic information to develop high-yielding, early-maturing varieties without bitterness more quickly. By identifying specific DNA segments linked to key traits like flowering time and saponin content, researchers enable breeders to expedite their programs and create tailored quinoa varieties. Quinoa's adaptability to harsh environments and superior nutrition make it valuable, but meeting farmer preferences, such as shorter maturation and reduced bitterness, is crucial for global adoption. This study's findings offer a significant advancement in quinoa breeding, enhancing food security and livelihoods in marginal regions suitable for quinoa cultivation.

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