Breaking Ground: IOFS High-Level Forum in Doha Charts a Sustainable Path for Global Food Security

Country: Qatar
Breaking Ground: IOFS High-Level Forum in Doha Charts a Sustainable Path for Global Food Security
03 October 2023

On 3 October 2023, the Islamic Organization for Food Security, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality of the State of Qatar, concluded the 2nd IOFS High-Level Forum. Following the Strategic Vision 2031 of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), the 2nd IOFS High-Level Forum on Food Security was held from 01-03 October 2023 in Doha, State of Qatar, as a side event of the 6th IOFS General Assembly, under the Chairmanship of the State of Qatar.

The Forum commenced with a Media Panel, where prominent food security experts and leading media representatives engaged in vital discussions on the complexities of food security in today's world. The IOFS Media Panel served as the official launch of the High-Level Forum to highlight the integral relationship between food security and media, fostering partnerships among media outlets, think tanks, international organisations, and government institutions. It addressed fundamental concepts of food security, challenges within food systems, recommendations for accurate media portrayal of food security issues, and increased coverage of vital food security concerns.

The High-Level Forum then proceeded with three significant sessions:

SUBFORUM 1: ENGAGING CIVIL SOCIETY AGAINST FOOD INSECURITY – Emphasizing the importance of civil society's involvement in combating food insecurity, this subforum delved into topics such as gender empowerment in agriculture, urbanisation's impact on food security, and the vital role of youth in shaping the future of food security. The Subforum was represented by esteemed speakers from 5 countries, six international and regional organisations, three high-level international platforms and over 100 participants.

SUBFORUM 2: ADVANCING AGRI-TECH FOR SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY – This subforum emphasised the pivotal role of technology in bolstering agricultural productivity and food supply stability. Key sessions included discussions on water management technologies, organic farming, emerging technologies in food production, and policy frameworks for agri-tech. Over 100 participants attended the subforum, represented by around 20 Speakers from OIC countries, 10 from non-OIC countries and 30 national and international organisations.

SUBFORUM 3: IFPA - ENHANCING INTRA-OIC FOOD MARKETS – The subforum focused on strengthening food markets within OIC Member States to enhance trade and cooperation, thus contributing to greater food security. It covered themes such as national food sector development, investments in the food industry, and agri-food projects across the OIC region. The IFPA Subforum included 26 Speakers, Panelists and Moderators representing 23 OIC Member States.

To conclude, the 2nd High-Level Forum provided a dynamic platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue, emphasising advanced agricultural technologies, scientific research, smart agriculture, transformation of food supply chains, strategic partnerships, and youth empowerment for sustainable food systems.

The IOFS 6th General Assembly and 2nd High-Level Forum arrive on the heels of the GCC-Central Asia Summit in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Kazakh President HE Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev underscored the importance of food security. His call for cooperation in ensuring food security resonated with the leaders' joint statement, emphasising the significance of supporting the IOFS in addressing food insecurity in challenging geopolitical and climatic contexts.

The IOFS invites the global community to actively shape the narrative around food security within the OIC geography and beyond. Together, we aim to ensure a sustainable and food-secure future for all.


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