ARAB NEWS: Saudi Arabia working on innovative solutions to ensure global food security

Country: Saudi Arabia
ARAB NEWS: Saudi Arabia working on innovative solutions to ensure global food security
21 February 2024

Juan Carlos Motamayor, CEO of food company Topian, asserts that Saudi Arabia is poised to lead the way in global food security by developing innovative systems and solutions with the potential for global application. Topian, a subsidiary of NEOM, aims to pioneer new technologies urgently required to address food security challenges worldwide.

Motamayor emphasizes the importance of introducing new technologies, such as controlled-environment production systems, to reduce water usage in crop cultivation. Topian's launch concept, "Future to Table," focuses on sustainable food production practices, aiming to bring high-quality food to the table while minimizing environmental impact.

Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, Topian collaborates with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Tabuk University, and other partners to advance research and development in sustainable agriculture and aquaculture. These partnerships aim to enhance Saudi Arabia's food security and sustainability goals.

Topian's strategic initiatives include agreements with organizations like Pure Salmon and the National Aquaculture Group to establish facilities for salmon production and expand the local aquaculture industry. These partnerships reflect Topian's commitment to employing innovative solutions for sustainable food production, positioning Saudi Arabia as a global leader in food security and sustainability.

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Photo Credit: Topian’s launch concept Future to Table is an initiative to revolutionize food production through sustainable practices and emphasizes the development of new methods to nourish the world while minimizing environmental impact. (Supplied) 

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