AFDB: Burkina Faso: African Development Bank funds two major projects to support agricultural value chains

Country: Burkina Faso
AFDB: Burkina Faso: African Development Bank funds two major projects to support agricultural value chains
30 May 2024

On May 21, 2024, Burkina Faso, in collaboration with the African Development Bank, launched two significant projects aimed at enhancing food security and agricultural resilience in the Sahel region. The ceremony, chaired by Amadou Dicko, Burkina’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, saw the unveiling of Project 2 of the Food and Nutrition Insecurity Resilience Programme in the Sahel (P2-P2RS) and the Integrated Maize, Soybean, Poultry and Fish Chain Development and Resilience Building Project (PIMSAR) in Ouagadougou. Daniel Ndoye, head of the African Development Bank’s Country Office in Burkina, highlighted the alignment of these projects with national priorities and the Bank’s strategies, emphasizing the importance of agricultural value chains. Minister Dicko commended the African Development Bank's commitment to supporting Burkina Faso's development initiatives, particularly in the agricultural sector. Aliou Badara Traoré, representing the National Chamber of Agriculture, expressed gratitude for the Bank's continuous efforts to improve rural livelihoods. The P2-P2RS, with EUR 54 million in funding, will benefit 125,000 beneficiaries across 33 communities, while the PIMSAR project, backed by EUR 42 million, aims to assist 30,000 direct beneficiaries, including internally displaced persons. These initiatives underscore the African Development Bank's significant role as a key partner in Burkina Faso's development, with substantial investments in the agriculture and environment sector totaling EUR 225 million.

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