PILLAR 3:Capacity building

Strategic Objectives

Provide technical expertise to strengthen MCs capacity

Strategic Programmes

  • Development of Gene Banks
  • OIC Strategic Commodities 
  • OIC Healthy & Safe Food Ecosystem
  • Bio & AgriTech Development  
  • Climate impact/ Resource Management 
  • Water Management in Agriculture (current)
  • Transboundary Pest Control Management (current)

10 year goals

  • 1 Gene Bank (Plant and Animal Genetic Resource Center) in most suitable MC (coordinate across all MC)
  • Individual MC competent Gene Banks to have agreements with main one
  • ‘Key’ commodities productivity by X% (e.g., yield per hectare at global benchmark)
  • Increase in ‘key commodities’ production in MCs by (decrease in % net imports or X million tons)
  • Increase # of MCs producing select ‘key’ commodities
  • Adoption of IOFS developed OIC food system policy framework across majority MCs
  • Increase % consumption of healthy/ nutritious (i.e., ‘Tayyab’) food
  • Reduce halal food import dependency by X%
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Water use efficiency per crop
  • Preservation of water reserves (% )
  • Reduction in cross countries pest attack
  • Reduction in ‘key’ crops related vulnerable MS pest attacks

Programmes of Pillar 3


Strategic Objectives:

Obj # 5: Provide technical expertise to strengthen MCs capacity.

Program description

This Program supports the Capacity Building pillar of IOFS strategy in strengthening OIC MC’s water management and efficiency for agriculture and related impact.

Current & Potential Activities: (These activities are not final and definitive and would be su bject to management review and changes)

  • Mitigation Programs Training (current): Engage with various food and agri stakeholders across MCs on climate impact and related resource management
  • OIC Water Management for Agriculture Research: Developing recommendations on integrated water management approaches across MC regions

10 Year strategic Goals

  • Integrated water management approaches established

Strategic Partners:

Cross-linked IOFS Programs: