IOFS Cairo Week Side Event Announcement

IOFS Cairo Week Side Event Announcement
03 October 2022
Within the framework of the IOFS program on “Water Management in Agriculture”, in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank, a Round Table on “Policy Guidelines for Sustainable Water Management in Agriculture in OIC member countries” will be organised as a side event at the Cairo Water Week on 16 October 2022.  
Key representatives of governmental authorities of OIC member states that are involved in the development of policy frameworks and strategies in water management are invited to participate in the roundtable to raise awareness for collective and integrated actions and expand participants’ knowledge relating to important aspects addressing cross-sectoral issues that impact on the state of water and food security.

The main objective of the training course is to present and discuss  OIC countries’ experience, international good practices, and concrete policy solutions implemented for ensuring food security through sustainable water management in agricultural development.

The round table also aims to provide insights into promoting use of modern irrigation and water-saving technologies among farmers.

The IOFS side event, in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank, will seek to highlight strategic directions to overcome current challenges of water management in agriculture and their impacts on food security, as well as to develop proposals for cooperation and resource mobilization in the OIC member countries.