Second Day of the Visit to the Republic of Guinea

Second Day of the Visit to the Republic of Guinea
20 May 2022
H.E. Mr. Yerlan A. Baidaulet, Director General of IOFS, pursued his visit to the Republic of Guinea, which was marked by very constructive meetings with senior Guinean officials, in order to listen to their concerns and discuss together the opportunities for cooperation within the IOFS mission framework and its Strategic Vision 2031.

Meeting with E.M. Baldé Mamadou, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts of Guinea, in the presence of representatives of the private sector, during which issues of common interest and mutual concern were discussed, in particular, the need to strengthen cooperation between the Guinean private sector and the IFPA, to this end, Mr. President of the Chamber squeezed out the immediate wish to join the IFPA and become a member of its Board of directors , he also requested the IOFS to provide the necessary support to accompany the Guinean private sector to develop the value chain of the agri- food industry, on his side, H.E DG, emphasized the importance of natural resources which owns Guinea, which is a motivation to encourage foreign large companies to come and invest in this country in the form of a B2B partnership. Also the President of the Chamber emphasized the wish of his institution, as well as some large companies in the field of manufacturing and processing of agro- food products to join the IFPA and become full members.

Meeting with Ms. Kouyate Diana, Director General of the Public Investment Promotion Agency (APIP), where HE DG gave a brief overview of the mission of IOFS, and its various programs and activities, as well as the two global programs that the IOFS is currently carrying out, namely, the Afghanistan Food Security Program (AFSP) and the Year of Africa, moreover, DG of APIP, has requested the support of the IOFS to support the projects which carry out its agency in the field of strengthening of value chains and the development of food clusters, the two parties have also agreed to organize an event in Guinea before the end of this year on investment and the strengthening of intra-OIC trade.

Meeting with H.E. Mrs. Charlotte Daffé, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, this meeting was an opportunity for the Minister to emphasize the crucial socio-economic role played by the fishing sector in the national food security in, while pointing out the need for her country to improve the capacity building of the traditional fishermen and learn more about the successful experiences of other member states in order to develop the processing of seafood products, she also emphasized the abundance of this important resources that her country has, as she informed that her ministryvhas developed a number of bankable projects that can be submitted to funding institutions in form of Investments and project of partnership, to further develop the fishing sector and especially the artisanal fishing component.