Sisi aims for ‘New Delta’ project to ensure food security in Egypt

Sisi aims for ‘New Delta’ project to ensure food security in Egypt
19 April 2021

Published 07 Apr,2021 via Asharq Alawsat (English Edition) - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi asserted the importance of the mega national project, the New Delta, in achieving food security and providing over 200,000 various job opportunities.

Sisi toured the Egypt’s Future Project located in the New Delta and extending to the Western Desert. The project’s location near Sphinx International Airport, Borg el-Arab International Airport, el-Dekheila Port and Alexandria Port facilitates the delivery of production requirements and final products.

“It also contributes to making the project an attractive destination for investors,” according to a presidential statement.

Presidential spokesman Bassam Rady said Sisi inspected Egypt’s Future Project during the harvest season, saying the process is being carried out according to state-of-the-art technological methods of agriculture.

He also met with a number of heads of specialized agricultural companies participating in the project and reviewed the developments. He stressed the importance of strengthening coordination and cooperation between the various relevant authorities.

Sisi highlighted the added value of this national project that aims to increase the agricultural area in Egypt, achieve food security and provide job opportunities in a variety of specialties.

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