Basic commodities sufficient for months ahead, says Egypt’s government

Basic commodities sufficient for months ahead, says Egypt’s government
16 March 2021

The Egyptian Cabinet’s Media Center on Saturday denied rumors that the nation was running short on basic commodities as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

The media center said in a statement that it contacted the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which slammed the reports as baseless. The ministry said that large amounts of commodities are supplied to the markets on a daily basis, with the strategic stocks for basic commodities sufficient enough to last for months.

And the ministry added that a project is in place to establish strategic warehouses according to the latest technologies, which will better manage the storage of basic commodities in order to enhance the strength of the strategic inventory for up to nine months.

The ministry is also launching inspection campaigns on all markets to prevent any manipulation or monopolistic practices.

Coming within the state’s desire to reduce all burdens on citizens, especially those with limited incomes and other needy groups, basic commodities are being provided in large quantities sufficient for the needs of citizens for several months ahead.

These including covering all food commodities, including meat and poultry products at consumer complexes to coincide with the arrival of Ramadan, in addition to intensifying ration control on all markets.

The ministry implored all media outlets and social media users to investigate accuracy and objectivity of any news they share, and to communicate with concerned authorities to ensure the facts are correct to prevent the spread of misinformation.

In the event that there are any complaints related to the shortage of basic food commodities in the governorates, please report them through the Hotline of the Consumer Protection Agency 19588.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm