02 December 2022

On an official visit to Khartoum-Republic of Sudan, during the period 30 Nov-2 Dec, 2022, H.E. Prof. Yerlan Baidaulet the Director General of the IOFS, accompanied by Mr. Aid Said Hussain, Special Envoy for Africa and Mr. Sofian Ben Mouaddeb, Senior Country Manager at the IOFS held a meeting with H.E. Dr. Abu Bakr Omar Al-Bashry Ahmed, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. He welcomed the IOFS delegation on the first day, and highlighted the ongoing efforts of IOFS to face food security challenges and poverty alleviation in the OIC geography, specifically during food crises hardships that influence OIC member states vulnerable to food insecurity countries that are heavily dependent on the commodity imports, by emphasizing the necessity of IOFS to continue to lead this important role. He also indicated the potential that Sudan possesses, and expressed his wish for IOFS to provide its support to Sudan in implementing programs and policies to improve and sustain food security and further develop the agricultural and rural sector.

From his side, H.E. Prof. Baidaulet, informed his host about the main activities led by the IOFS, the achievements of the IOFS humanitarian programs, as well the two global programs, Afghanistan Food Security Programme (AFSP) and Year of Africa implementation plan.

Following this productive meeting, H.E. the Director General of the IOFS attended the 4th session of the "Khalifa International Awards for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation 2022," to which the diplomatic corps based in the Republic of Sudan also participated. Following the awarding of prizes to the winners, all senior officials proceeded to the official opening of the date fair.

During the same day, Prof. Baidaulet, Visited the Headquarters of the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID), where he met H.E. Mr.  Mohammed bin Obaid Al Mazrooei, President of AAAID. The two officials discussed ways and means to further develop their cooperation in order to boost Investment in the Islamic worlds, and agreed to continue their consultations in common areas of interest to help and provide necessary support to their respective MC’s. At this occasion, H.E. DG of the IOFS, invited the AAAIC and its related Private Sector Companies to join IFPA.    

The Director General of the IOFS, Prof. Baidaulet, held his last meeting of the day with H.E. Mr. Mohammed Adam Abd El Kareem El Toom, the General Manager of the Agricultural Bank of Sudan, where he was informed by his host about the bank's strategy to implement its plan for food security in Sudan. Mr. El Toom also expressed his desire to develop a positive working relationship with the IOFS in order to assist the bank in achieving its plans.

It should be noted, that the DG of the IOFS and his delegation visited the Food & Beverages - DAL Group, one of Sudan's largest and most diverse food firms dedicated to providing basic, staple foods and beverages. The goal of this visit was to observe the company's most significant accomplishments and to encourage it to join IFPA, which could also be a good opportunity for it to expand more its activities by taking advantage of what IFPA offers.