IOFS Seminar on Monitoring and forecasting of food security,and food balance sheet management

IOFS Seminar on Monitoring and forecasting of food security,and food balance sheet management
09 June 2023


The main goal of the government in ensuring food security is the sustainable provision of the entire population of the country with types of food through its own production, subject to the physical and economic availability of food in the quantity and quality necessary for active and healthy life, with the maximum possible self-sufficiency and independence from external sources of food. 

It is significant for central and local authorities to timely receive information reflecting the real situation in the field of food security and agriculture. It is necessary to create conditions conducive to increasing the competitiveness of manufactured products, balancing production and developing the commodity distribution and general infrastructure of the food market. Systemic monitoring and forecasting of food security should be carried out for timely identification of imbalances in development and elaboration of decision algorithm on forms of state influence on the development of the industry. 

Monitoring and evaluation of food security has become an important issue that governments are addressing in accordance with their national agenda to address the problems of food insecurity in the country. Typically, monitoring systems track performance across all four dimensions of food security, including availability, accessibility, utilization, and stability of food supply. Monitoring, as a management technology, allows not only diagnosing the final processes of ensuring food security in the state, but also provides authorized organizations and the country's leadership with information for making strategic and tactical decisions. 


As per the request of OIC Member States and considering the importance of increasing the capacity on issues of monitoring and forecasting food security, the IOFS Secretariat plans to hold, in online format, the Seminar on “Monitoring and forecasting of food security, and food balance sheet management”  on 14-15 June 2023.  The IOFS is honored to host eminent experts and speakers from government institutions from Qatar, Kazakhstan, UAE, Türkiye, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Cameroon, in addition to leading institutions such as UN FAO, Sustainable Food Systems of Ireland, American University in Beirut, and Hamad bin Khalifa University for the Seminar. 

 The main objective of the event is to: 

  1. share the national experience monitoring and forecasting of food security, as well as maintenance of food balance sheet. 
  2. present international best practices in monitoring and forecasting food security and early-warning systems through the analysis of the market, agriculture, prices. 
  3. review the country approaches to manage and compile of food balance sheets. 
  4. develop the methodology for monitoring and forecasting food security and presenting to member states. 


Format: Online (Zoom platform

Date: 14-15 June 2023 

Language: English (interpretation into Russian

Participants: The workshop participants will include representatives of government authorities, responsible for monitoring and forecasting of food security and food balance sheet management. 


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