IOFS Director General meets Ambassador of Indonesia

IOFS Director General meets Ambassador of Indonesia
14 November 2019
On Nov. 14, Mr. Yerlan A. Baidaulet, Director General of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) met Ambassador Rahmat Pramono of Indonesia to discuss cooperation and accession of Indonesia to the IOFS.
Ambassador Pramono noted the importance of promoting bilateral cooperation.
Mr. Baidaulet underlined that Indonesia leads the list of top food security strong Muslim countries  and is an important country for the IOFS, which is the specialised institution of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). He has also noted that during his recent trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, he was impressed by achievements of the country, which is worth noting, the National Halal Accreditation Agency is operating in Indonesia and can be a good example for other OIC member states to ensure safety of consumed food. Meeting with the management of Logistics Bureau (BULOG) was among the important ones during his trip to Indonesia, because BULOG experience in creating such a national food security agency can be a positive example for other OIC countries.
The IOFS Director General also told about the current projects of the IOFS and preparation to the 4th Executive Board meeting to be held in December this year along with the official opening ceremony of the IOFS headquarters office.
The importance of developing strategic commodities within the IOFS projects was also mentioned during the meeting. Programmes of Action are being elaborated on such strategic commodities as rice, wheat, cassava and palm oil are being currently elaborated.
Ambassador Pramono thanked the IOFS DG for providing such an enlightening information. He noted that the government of Indonesia is interested in joining the IOFS. He, on his side, will assist the IOFS in all food security related issues as well as in promoting accession to the IOFS by Indonesia.