Ministry develops climate-smart program to ensure food security

Ministry develops climate-smart program to ensure food security
19 March 2022
Representative of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture, Head of Agriculture Councelling Center Leli Nuryati, during a webinar on the climate issues emphasized about extremely vulnerability of agriculture sector to climate change, the overall impacts of climate change on agriculture are expected to be negative, threatening national food production and food security.
The Ministry is developing climate-resilience policies for agriculture sector to diminish its impact to productivity and food security. The Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) program stipulates implementing contemporary system of agriculture that deploys eco-friendly technologies, rational utilization of natural resources as water and equipping farmers with climate-smart agriculture-based technologies with greater involvement of young entrepreneur farmers to the sector.
Other measure to ensure agro sector sustainability will include utilizing high quality – low emission seeds and organic materials, efficient use of fertilizers, steady estimation of greenhouse gas emissions.
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