Help starving people of Afghanistan

Help starving people of Afghanistan
04 March 2022
Afghanistan’s food crisis reaches unprecedented levels as nearly 19 million people are highly food insecure due to prolonged drought, conflict and economic collapse.

During this winter season, a further deterioration in food security is expected, and put 22.8 million people under food insecurity.

The drastic situation of extreme food insecurity in Afghanistan that extended to almost half of the population led all OIC Member Countries to braid their efforts to help the country.

In this context, and pursuant to the Resolution of the 17th Extraordinary Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers on the “Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan”, the Islamic Organization for Food Security is working towards implementing the Afghanistan Food Security Program. This program starts with the provision of humanitarian food aid to people of Afghanistan, for which your kind support would be much appreciated.

For helping starving brothers and sistersin Afghanistan, please choose the way of money transfer most suitable for you. All funds will be accumulated at a special account and used for direct humanitarian aid under the Afghanistan Food Security Program.