IOFS and HAWAQF Niger Met to Review Bilateral Cooperation

IOFS and HAWAQF Niger Met to Review  Bilateral Cooperation
11 December 2021
In follow-up to the first meeting held on 17 September 2021, the Islamic Organization of Food Security (IOFS) hosted an online meeting with the High Authority of Waqf in Niger (HAWAQF), which was represented by Mr. Djibril Mansour, Responsible for Cooperation Department, and Ms.  Ramatou Souley, Project Officer. The IOFS Team was composed by Mr. Abdula Manafi Mutualo, Senior Liaison Officer, and Dr. Shahlo Atabaeva, Programme Manager, held a second consultation meeting to proceed on the implementation of the MoU that was signed last September.
The meeting reviewed three projects that were submitted by HAWAQF, including on i) certified potato seed production; ii) Community certified seed production program; and iii) irrigation development program for the employment of youth, which will be now studied at the IOFS Secretariat for onward transmission for potential investors.
The IOFS expects the announcement of possible investment in the aforementioned projects to take place during 2022, a year that was chosen for the IOFS to be more focused in Africa.
The two sides agreed to continue consultations for mutually following up on the whole appropriate steps that are to be taken until the projects are implemented for the benefit of all those concerned in Niger, especially local farmers.