General Assembly: Delegation of Uganda

General Assembly: Delegation of Uganda
27 August 2019
Director General of Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS)Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet introduced the Organisation and expressed His gratitude to the delegation of Republic of Uganda headed by the Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Uganda, Isaac Biruma Sebulime for participating in the IOFS General Assembly.
The Director General explained the main mission of the Second General Assembly and focused on its crucial aspects such as budget and Member States contributions. Director General discussed a Database platform that is in the process of development and further amplification. Mrs. Rufya informed about the basic issues IOFS is currently facing in regards to outdated data. Director General also asked to establish focal points to obtain top communication channels.
His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador discussed main challenges that the Republic of Uganda had been facing for the time being. Most imporant one is a change in a diet that has occured in the process of rapid urbanization. Wheat along with Asian rice are enjoying growing demands, which lead to increase in shortages.
Another major challenge is a poor storage infrastructure, including facilities such as warehouses, electricity, roads, etc. that unnecessarily increase the amount of post-harvest losses up to 30%. Transportation is difficult, even within the country territory. This leads to contamination and spoilage of food. Potential solutions could be development of a well-timed marketing, establishment of commodity exchange and construction of new storage facilities.