IOFS Executive Board Members introduce their projects to NASEC

IOFS Executive Board Members introduce their projects to NASEC
13 December 2019

Within the context of signed memorandum between the two organizations, NASEC invited the IOFS Executive board to their head office. During the presentation of NASEC activities, the organizations discussed the potential of collaborative projects on development of domestic agro-industrial complex, agricultural science and its integration into global scientific arena.

-Participation in joint expert, informational, analytical and research activities, and their practical application;
-Scientific and technical support for development of crop production and animal husbandry, farms of the OIC / IOFS member states. 
-Support of joint competitive research projects of OIC / IOFS member states.
-Dissemination of best practices on food safety and halal in OIC / IOFS member states in Extension system development.
-Food safety and halal-themed dialogue and experience exchange between scientists of Kazakhstan and OIC/IOFS member states through seminars, conferences and workshops.
-Establishment, if necessary, of joint working and advisory groups, as well as collaboration, with the consent of the Parties with existing specialized working and advisory groups.
-Training, internships and experience exchange of national experts in scientific, technical and agricultural fields on training.

Director General of IOFS noted that IOFS is actively working to develop scientific and technical organizations to enhance food security situation in OIC member countries.