Director of Coordination and Cooperation Department

Basic Requirements

  • Requirements:

    • To be a national of one of the Member States of Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS);
    • To have a degree in any of the following: International Relations, Political Science, Diplomatic Studies, International Studies, or any related subjects; The Master’s degree is must ; The Doctorate degree is preferred, combined with extensive experience;
    • Minimum 10 years of work experience in international organizations in the sphere of humanitarian operations (OCHA, WFP, etc.);
    • Immediate availability to work in conflict zones, with the ability to travel extensively and work in challenging environments.
    • To be free of diseases and infirmities that may hinder the exercise of his or her duties;
    • Not having been convicted of a felony or a crime against honour or trust.
    • Not having been removed from any job for disciplinary reasons.


This designation requires fluent knowledge of English and desirably fluency of one more working language (Arabic or French)



  • Proven experience in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of political affairs and strategies, planning and designing projects and programs (min 10 years).
  • Experience in a collaborative approach to partnership in a cross-cultural context with strong problem-solving abilities
  • Practical knowledge and understanding of ambassadorial and stakeholder management.
  • Demonstrate experience successfully managing high-value projects from international agencies.
  • Experience organizing high-level events and conferences, economic and investment promotional forums.


The candidates are expected to have several publications on agricultural aspects and/or international public relations, as well as participate in international conferences.


  • Developing and implementing strategies and plans to achieve the organization's goals
  • Identifying and securing funding for programs and projects, including managing relationships with partners
  • Managing and supervising a team of staff to carry out program activities
  • Building partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, government agencies, and community groups to increase the impact of the organization's work
  • Monitoring and evaluating program performance, and using data to make adjustments and improvements
  • Representing the organization in meetings and events
  • Keeping abreast of developments in the field of food security and incorporating new research and best practices into program design and implementation.



  • Organizational skills
  • Event management
  • Writing scientific papers, reports, and conducting research
  • Presentation skills
  • Readiness to work long hours and travel internationally
  • Full devotion and dedication to tasks at hand
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and multinational environmen


As per IOFS Personnel Regulations.