Ukraine conflict: OIC countries face the spectre of hunger

Ukraine conflict: OIC countries face the spectre of hunger
17 March 2022
Paul Cochrane in the article written for Salaam Gateway news platform, analyzing current geopolitical situation in the world and noted that Russia's invasion of Ukraine created significant hurdles in the logistics and disrupted food supply chains that in particular way may trigger food insecurity in Middle East and Africa. Securing food supply chains and safeguarding household-level production of nutritious foods will be critical to averting a food crisis in these regions.
Russia and Ukraine cumulatively supply approximately 30 per cent of the total global wheat export with the main market in the MENA region. Amid the surging of oil prices, essential food prices will soar including wheat and sunflower, and according to the article, the situation is dramatically worse than during the pandemic in terms of impact, when the main issue was related to supply chain, currently, demand and supply challenges have emerged. 
Author is discussing about unequal impact of food price hikes across the OIC countries justified by different import consumption and varied income levels, among others lower-income Middle Eastern countries expected to be more adversely affected. 
The article summarizing the review by highlighting urgency of OIC food security strategies in close coordination with governments that will be addressing short-term perspectives to effectively manage stocks of essential commodities.