Oman is leading projects to promote the food security

Oman is leading projects to promote the food security
10 February 2021

The Oman Food Investment Holding Company (OFIC) has begun the implementation of various projects in dairy, red meat, poultry, fisheries to strengthen the country’s potential in the production of food that would lead to ensuring food security.

OFIC, a subsidiary of the Oman Investment Authority, works on ensuring food security in Oman by cooperating with government agencies, the private sector and investors. OFIC works on investment in domestic and international food projects along with other food companies, investors and other stakeholders.

One of the supported projects of OFIC is Mazoon Dairy Company that begun its business in late 2019 achieved a good reputation in the market in dairy and gained a considerable market share. Currently, Mazoon Dairy Company is looking to expand its commercial operations to foreign markets.

Another example of OFIC’s work is Al Bashayer Meat Company which presently has a capacity of 1.3mn heads of livestock and considered one of the biggest producers of red meat in the region. 

Therefore, OFIC has been actively involved in ensuring the self-sufficiency of Oman in food security. It would also increase Oman’s position in the food security index. OFIC’s strategy is not only about increasing food production but also covers the areas of supply chains, storage, and the management of reserves and logistics.

OFIC identified other new projects to be implemented in cooperation with the country’s food companies.